what is a content strategist?

A content strategist is someone who has expertise in creating content. They start with the need to name something, infuse it with authenticity, and optimize the channels through which meaning is communicated. A content strategist is a linguist, a data analyst, a product manager, a product marketer, and a community manager, all in one.

To begin to image what a strategist can do for you, update that old adage “content is king” to: “content is queen” — and think chess.

content and growth strategies succeed together

Creating content and what’s currently called “growth strategies” go together. More than providing knowledge, we engage industry influencers, communicate the inspiration behind the information, and transform public opinions. Beginning with leadership commitment, we use innovative ways to generate and promote compelling experiences online and in person.

success is all about the project team

A content leader forms teams, manages resources and expectations, and strategizes toward the future. Using startup enthusiasm, a leader quickly gathers the right folks with the right skills, facilitates their processes with lightweight tools, and finds the most efficient, delightful ways to create great content.

using the latest technologies is required

Ideas flow to audiences through articles, videos, webinars, conferences, hackathons, and more. Presentation layer technologies are essential: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, various digital publishing platforms, CMSs, and CRMs, as well as video, events, hangouts, and happenings.

amplifying excitement and foresight is a reward unto itself

We can connect people with great thinkers and their ideas. And these connections make for a better future. For example, the Web Platform Team at Adobe championed web features by investing in platform stars:

  • We found influential designers and educated them
  • We supported them through experimentation phases
  • We amplified their stories and shared the most personally compelling ones

This way, we funneled new ideas and features through the creative social network, letting them loose in the wild, seeing what manifested, and ultimately contributing to a more expressive web.

leaner content is the cutting edge of experience

Any content and community growth efforts must contribute to overall business success. Lean analytics is such an effective way to ensure this, make it a goal to fold in more data analytics and lean processes into content strategies. This is the measured, actionable way of creating experiences and community excitement.