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From frontend development to circular economy designs, I’m making things work for our future.

Currently focused on bringing simple products to consumers that clean their homes and world. You can find out more about what I’m up to as the founder of Abevy, Inc. on Medium and LinkedIn.

Let’s chat about new materials, product design and development, and getting your ideas out to the world.


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President at Nat Fast Consulting
February 28, 2018, Nat managed JuLee directly
I really enjoy working with JuLee. She is bright, capable, knowledgable, talented and has a good sense of humor. She is the epitome of "good leaders make great followers". She is a leader in her own right and steps up to the plate on leadership activities, but in an individual contributor role, she rolls with the punches with grace and fluidity. That type of 360 perspective makes her valuable to any effort. We need more people like JuLee who exhibit strong common sense and technical acumen.

  • Ethan Malasky

    Senior Engineering Manager at Adobe

    September 30, 2015, Ethan managed JuLee directly

    JuLee brings a special kind of dedication, creativity and energy to her projects. When we worked together, I was consistently impressed by her ability to act and track all the concrete details of a project, while simultaneously updating her high-level view, to keep the project inline with business goals. JuLee's expertise with communities and guiding content can be applied to a wide range of domains. More importantly, her curiosity and aptitude around learning new things allows her to get inside the specifics of a project and see what makes it unique.

  • Eliezer Bernart

    Substitute Professor at UFCSPA

    March 17, 2014, Eliezer reported directly to JuLee

    It's been a pleasure work with JuLee since last year as a community member. All the tasks that she assigned me were challenges that made me grow as a professional. JuLee is smart, dedicated, organized, compromised and passionate about Web technologies…

  • Hong Qiu

    Marketing Manager, Program Manager, Senior Technical and Marketing Writer/Editor

    May 21, 2013, JuLee worked with Hong in the same group

    It has been a great pleasure to work with JuLee. JuLee has strategic thinking and the enthusiasm for the products and technologies she covers in the Adobe Developer Connection atAdobe. She has shown a strong content planning capability over the years…

  • George Fox

    Managing Editor, Adobe Developer Center

    May 16, 2013, George managed JuLee directly

    Julee has a passion for Web technologies and tools, and she has a desire to spread the word and help educate others on Web standards. As a Content Strategist, Julee did an outstanding job contributing to the Adobe Developer Connection...

  • Brian Rinaldi

    Director of Content at Progress

    May 8, 2013, JuLee worked with Brian in the same group

    Julee and I were effectively a two person team managing content for the Adobe Developer Connection in the areas of HTML, CSS,JavaScript and mobile development. Over the course of 2012, that section of the ADC saw enormous growth and success, becoming by far the primary driver of traffic...

  • Diana Joseph

    Innovation and entrepreneurship leader; career and business strategist

    August 10, 2011, Diana worked with JuLee in different groups

    Give JuLee a tough project and step aside! If her energy and tenacity can't get it done, nothing can.

  • Shimul (Shimi) Rahim

    Staff UX Writer at Google

    August 10, 2011, Shimul (Shimi) reported directly to JuLee

    JuLee is a visionary, always on the cutting edge of technology. She sees the forest from all perspectives and brings a unique sense of what's possible, rather than what's not possible, to any project. JuLee is also one of the coworkers and people I most deeply admire in the world. Not only is she insightful and bright, she is profoundly compassionate and loyal. She is well-rounded and competent, quick-thinking, and an outstanding asset to any organization looking to improve and excel.